Accounts of the fantastic, the unexplained, and the curiously delightful, the Legendarium are most simply those tales which must be told. Some call them myth; others say they are fairy tale. But to those who experience their Magic, they are nothing less than vitae essentia—the essence of life.



Set in the Realm Mystical–a sort of world-between-worlds–the Refuge Chronicles tells the story of a young shrew named Thutter McClutter and his adventures in the land known as the Refuge. At the heart of the trilogy is Thutter’s relationship to the magic hogseye, an enchanted key that once lit up the Glade in the dark of night.  In time, Thutter learns that his destiny is tied to that of the magic key as he has been chosen for a very special role in the ancient battle between Light and Darkness. Along the way, he also learns that he has a very special gift. But if he is to use that gift for the good of his fellow Glade-dwellers and for all those living in the Refuge, he will have to learn to trust in the Elders Three, the benevolent Rulers of the Refuge.

The Refuge Chronicles, however, are just the beginning of the story concerning the magic hogseye. One might say that these tales are simply the prequel to the greater story: The Last Storykeeper Saga.



The Taming

tamingcover72dpi300pxA forbidden journey. A secret agenda. A mysterious object.

When Thutter McClutter, a young Glade-dwelling shrew, willingly decides to break the ancient Code and cross into the shadowy darkness of the great Woode, he is certain that seeing the mysterious Solkreat is the goal. But as he and his friends near the curious Creature, an altogether different agenda is exposed. One of his fellow adventurers wants the magic hogseye. However, the powerful and wicked Beastmonger also covets the enchanted object, and he will stop at nothing to get it— even murder.

A story of true friendship, lasting faith, and willing sacrifice, The Taming is the first installment of the Refuge Chronicles—an adventurous trilogy about a young shrew, his newly-discovered purpose, and the ancient conflict between Light and Darkness.

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The Telling  (Coming 2015)

The Taring  (Coming 2016)


Future Series:

The Last Storykeeper Saga