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5star-shiny-web“The Taming (The Refuge Chronicles) (Volume 1) by Atticus Krum is an intriguing fantasy and adventure story with some nice morals for children. Thutter and his three friends have reason to undertake an adventure after the appearance of a mysterious Creature just beyond the Hollow, bearing a shiny object. Leaving the glade is breaking the Code, but these four critters decide to take a trip to see the live Solkreat. One of Thutter’s friends wants the magic hogseye which dangles from the Creature’s neck. Apparently he is not the only one who has his eye on it. The Beastmonger, a wicked slitherer, also wants it and it will do anything to covet it. But it is believed that only one person can steal it; a certain young shrew. Now the Elders know about this and they have their own plans for Thutter. Will the young shrew believe in them and will their plan succeed?

The book is excellent and, with all its twists and turns in the plot, it is a fast paced and compelling read. The Elders Three have a dominant role in the story where they guide Thutter at every stage. With its whimsy, mystery, humor, fantasy, intrigue and suspense, this book has a challenging plot that will stimulate readers. The narrative is descriptive and detailed, making the scenes aesthetic and appealing. The Christian undertones blend well with the fantasy and adventure plot. It is a book that will also appeal to adult readers.”

Mamta Madhavan, Readers’ Favorite.com


“From the very first page I was intrigued with this story and continued to be completely caught up in it until the very last word. Each chapter is filled with adventure, danger, mystery, friendship, and strength that will have the reader transfixed. An unlikely hero combined with the ongoing struggle between the powers of good and evil set the stage for an amazing story! Instantly I found myself sympathizing with young Thutter as he worked to understand the dangers around him, Patch’s words of wisdom and the inner battle that is within him. That inner conflict that everyone goes through at one point or another trying to find their place and role in the world is shown amazingly well through this character. Atticus Krum does an exquisite job of giving the reader a story that shows what can happen when time is taken to listen to the voice deep inside each of us and follow the path that we were meant to take.”    Quill says: This is a wonderfully intriguing and truly inspiring tale!

From Feathered Quill Book Reviews



“The Taming is a delightful book from start to end that offers an intriguing, enjoyable main character, villains that appear fresh and original, and a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The author managed to keep the pace fast from start to end, and with the short chapters, I just had to keep on reading. There’s never a dull moment.”

Mira, Forever Booklover Blog


“The Taming is an intriguing novel mixing fantasy with characters kids can easily relate to, and highly imaginative creatures. The writing is sublime, and with great attention to detail. The Beastmonger is a powerful opponent, and Thutter is an interesting protagonist. He must find his own true strength, and hold on to his beliefs. It’s an endearing book, ideal for young kids, and young adults alike.”

Cassidy, Cassidy Crimson’s Blog


“The book is ideal for middle graders. The writing style is suitable for the audience, and the wide cast of interesting creatures will not disappoint any middle grader. I had a blast reading, I’m sure the book can be enjoyed by both middle graders and older audiences.”

Bookie, Bookaholic Ramblings Blog 


“Great story, with a few interesting twists I hadn’t seen coming. It’s written toward a younger audience (tweens and middle graders) but as an adult, I enjoyed it as well. It sounds like a great book to read with your kids, if you have any. Thutter McClutter is pretty hilarious. Not just his name, but his actions, and basically everything about him. The book is light fantasy, and it always borders between being serious and being hilarious, which is a mix I’m sure kids will love. An interesting start to a promising series.”

Jen and Jess, The Book Daily Blog


“With a main character named Thutter McClutter, you know you’re up for some hilarious scenes. The Taming is a middle grade fantasy that will appeal to older audiences as well, and reminded me of classics like Narnia, The Neverending Story, and even the Wizard of Oz.  The Taming balanced solid writing and a fast pace, and mixed it together into a pleasant read…

…definitely for middle graders and older though – the writing is too complicated for a younger audience. Middle graders who struggle with reading may get challenged as well, but they’ll probably succeed with a little help. For a middle grader who loves reading, this book is ideal though.”

Majanka, I Heart Reading Blog


“Out of my way! I’m going out to slay a fierce Beastmonger! Or well, do something else. Hah. Well anyway, my little brother (he’s a middle grader) and I, both loved the Taming. Great writing, awesome characters, amazing plot. Keep the fun going!”

Lanie, Hollow Readers Blog


“A delightful middle grade fantasy story for kids who love the imaginative and fantastical. “The Taming” is the first book in a series, and immediately shows the author’s talent for creating characters that seem authentic and real to kids. Thutter McClutter is an enigmatic protagonist, and one kids will probably relate to. The writing is great, and the characters are refreshing. The plot is imaginative, and highly entertaining. A great book for fantasy fans, and kids who like fantasy.”

Endazzled Reading Blog, Endazzled Publishing 


“The Taming is an interesting novel for kids and middle graders. The characters are funny and entertaining, especially main character “Thutter McClutter” – what a hilarious name. The story is also filled with all kinds of subtle messages teaching kids right and wrong, and to believe in themselves and in a higher power. It was an easy, quick read, enjoyable for adults, but certainly highly entertaining for kids.”

Charlene, Editor Charlene Blog